Zombie University Secret Society

You Found Us

You found our 'Hooked Z' and it lead you here, congratulations as you have discovered the Zombie University Secret Society page.

What is the Zombie University Secret Society (ZUSS)? Almost every college has one, we are no different, but what is ZUSS? Simply put, when you need us, we are there.

Being a member of ZUSS has it's perks, but we also ask of something in return.

ZUSS Perks

Do you have something that you need to promote? All you have to do is ask and we will help you out by blasting your book or project across our various media, guaranteed.

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In Return

What do we ask of in return? Every once in a while we may have a special project that we need YOU to promote. It may be something from a fellow ZUSS member that needs to be shared, or something directly from us. We expect you to do for us that which we do for you.

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How do you recruit and gain new members? That is a secret, but suffice it to say, ZUSS is a VERY elite group and we will never openly recruit.

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