Zombie University Secret Society

In Return

What do we ask of in return? Every once in a while we may have a special project that we need YOU to promote. It may be something from a fellow ZUSS member that needs to be shared, or something directly from us. We expect you to do for us that which we do for you.

Let's say WE have a book to be published, those whom we contact to help us promote it will recieve a free copy with which to read and review.

Let's say one of our ZUSS members is about to direct a movie and it is to shoot in your area and they need extras, we may call upon you to be a zombie extra in a scene; which in that case could be considered a perk, I suppose.

Let's say YOU own a website or have a social media page (facebook, twitter, ello, etc), we may call upon you to share some information or links to help out a fellow ZUSS member.


"I'm in agreement! How do I join this Zombie University Secret Society?"

That is a secret (not really), but suffice it to say, ZUSS is a VERY elite group and we will never openly recruit.

If you want to join, read more about Recruiting by clicking the Recruit Tab above.